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Agave Nectar Makes For A Healthy Choice By Brady Bunte

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High blood sugar levels have been linked to many health problems including increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. It has also been found that high blood sugar tends to go hand in hand with high cholesterol.  It is for this reason that more consumers are paying more attention to the nutritional content of the foods they are putting into their bodies.

Tequila maker Brady Bunte has found that in recent years there has been a steady increase in demand for agave nectar. Agave is the plant that is the primary raw material in the making of the tequila. Brady Bunte has realized this demand has been boosted by health experts, who have suggested that agave nectar is a healthier alternative when compared to products like sugar and artificial sweeteners.

According to Brady Bunte, agave nectar is taken from the flower shoots that sprout from the tall stem that grows when the plant is maturing and ready to be harvested for tequila making. There are several factors that back the advocacy of the use of agave nectar as a sweetener.

Historical use

The agave plant has long been a sacred plant to the Aztecs within the Mexican region. They have been using it for centuries not just to make the fermented beverage that inspired today’s tequila, but also as a medicine. The nectar used to be mixed with salt and applied as a dressing to wounds and skin ailments. This traditional remedy is actually still in use today. Brady Bunte has found that researchers believe its effectiveness in treating wounds comes from the presence of pus producing bacteria, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.  
The Aztecs were also the first to realize the sweetness that could be harvested from the plant when they took to burning the fields of agave and realizing the sweet result that was realized from the remaining cooked heart.

Low glycemic profile

Refined sugar has been the default choice when it comes to sweetening everything from tea to pastries. It has however been found to add no nutritional value to diets and causes a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. When agave nectar is however used in its place, Brady Bunte has found that studies report it has a lower glycemic index, meaning better regulation of blood sugar levels. In fact, when compared to other sweeteners like corn syrup, glucose tablets, maltodextrin and honey, agave nectar still manages to produce the lowest glycemic value.

This is great news for diabetics who can enjoy more sweetener in their diet, without having to worry it will trigger a need for an insulin shot.

Weight loss

When a person is able to better control blood sugar levels, they are also better able to avoid situations that encourage binge eating. When we have low blood sugar, there is a strong desire to eat or drink in order to regain equilibrium. This often results in overindulgence in food.  

Controlled blood sugar helps to avoid these risky highs and lows. Studies looked into by Brady Bunte also indicate the presence of a special fiber known as Inulin that researchers claim helps to suppress appetite.  Brady Bunte has also found studies that indicate Inulin also reduces cholesterol levels and boosts the body’s ability to absorb nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

Brady Bunte however advises that agave nectar should be moderately used in diets. Just as with any good thing, some consumers may be tempted to go overboard in its use, leading to the kind of overindulgence that cancels out its existing benefits. While it does have a better glycemic profile than other sweeteners, it does still possess calories, sugar content and is relatively new to the market.  Brady Bunte also recommends making use of organic varieties as more suppliers enter into the market.  

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