Friday, October 17, 2014

Agave Tequilana by Brady Bunte

A lot of people foolishly imagine that the Agave Tequilana is a sort of cactus plant. However agaves are really almost similar to the lily and Amaryllis families of plants. Despite that this post is about the use of agave as a sweetener, I think alternate uses of agave are intriguing as well. Modern research has basically confirmed the unimaginable healing and mending properties of this plant.
Basically, the nectar of the plant acts as an antibiotic against various forms of disease-causing microorganisms, such as, Staph aureus. Agave nectar has likewise been used successful against enteric microscopic organisms and when blended with citrus juices work as a relaxing laxative, easing constipation.
Agave TequilanaNectar is healthy caloric sweetener with the least glycemic record  that diabetics can use. The principle starch is a complex type of fructose called insulin or fructosan. This is also incredibly useful for people trying to lose a lot of weight as those insulin spikes make the body absorb fat!
If that wasn't already enough, the syrup mainly has incredible amounts of iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. So how would you use it? You can substitute it for sugar or nectar in recipes and vegans normally use agave syrup to replace honey. It's even more beneficial when used as a sweetener for cool drinks, for example, ice tea. So stop consuming sugar and gaining weight today. Choose the healthier option and make sure that you stick to it – because that would be beneficial for you only.

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